Thank you Ash and Pikachu - 24/03/2023

man. been crying a little bit ngl

im always gonna keep these two close to my heart no matter what. theyve been around longer than ive been on this earth, and they will surely be around a lot longer in the hearts of everyone thats watched them grow as i have.

ive seen people complain a lot at how we didnt get a big BANG of an ending, but i believe that was the whole point. to us, the last episode of "aim to be a pokemon master" is more than likely the last time we get a reall look into what those two are up to. but to them, its just the start of a new beginning, and nothing notable will happen for them until they meet whoever will accompany them on their trip. they have always been and always will be wandering souls, destined to befriend all pokemon and forever remain a challenger, just as ash said in the episode as they sat in the rain surrounded by wild pokemon taking shelter.

this last goodbye episode was perfect in that it didnt feel like a goodbye at all, rather simply a "until our paths cross again".

damn. and now im crying again.

im no artist, and as much as i would have loved to be able to create a beautiful and heart-hitting piece as so many people have been posting to twitter in the last few days, the most i can do is make this little video to "everything stays" from adventure time. its not very complex, but i feel that suits this show best. the link is to a dropbox file and you can watch it there if you want to :)

heres a playlist of some of my favorite openings and endings from the show, i have them all myself to listen to privately, but i loved them so much i just couldnt resist putting them on soudcloud for everyone to enjoy (warning: it will autoplay i believe)! they all have the english lyrics and the japanese lyrics in the description. my personal favorites are "fantasy in my pocket" and "one hundred fifty one" :)

see you around ash and pikachu. stay safe on your travels <3