Misc Playlists

i make a lot of playlists, so here are some of my pride and joys :)

this is just a playlist of bangers. idk its like 20h long or smth :P

originally was based on the playlists below mushed together, now its just songs i rlly like from before like 2000's (i believe???)
shoutout to aloeverified! for the playlists :)

i like these cuz................. crunchy idk. i like hyperpop cuz it sounds funky :D

these are all miserable. not a single smiling face in this crowd..... smh smh they should go outside and see love is in the trees and in the air and in the wind and in the clouds an

swing music slaps!!!!! i dont even care!!!!!! most of these people were probs racist!!!!!!! and now they are dead

these are all like early 2000's :)

Focused Playlists

i also have a lot a lot a lot of playlist artist/band focused, here are some!

luv ICP :) their songs r violent but!! music go woo woo so who cares. Boogie Woogie Wu is my fav also blueberry raspberry faygo goes so hard idec if it looks like dish soap

i dont even know how i foudn these guys but!!! music good so :) also i love au music just because i like hearing ppl have accents like my parents. not many mainstream artists have an aussie accent yk

these guys!!!!! quirked up white boy and poc boy with swagger!!!!! their music is like pre-20000's rap i luv

lovejoy will always be my bb girls. slay ash kabosu

will wood has the amount of gender i wish i did

oh my god!! neil!!!!! neil oh my god!!!!! he cant hear us he has airpods in!!! neil!!!!!!!!!!

i will always be emo for gerard way