Eradicate Ohio


i hate ohio. because its ohio.

pictured above is a population map of ohio. this is shown so we have an idea of where to aim for.

we will ride at dawn. our horses are bomb proof so no worries horsies will be fine. pictured below is a horsie

we depart from the left.

our main form of attack are broomsticks without the broom end. whack whack
and also guns. the make required is sombo pistol.

there will be a free buffet and complimentary drinks at this event

her eis the menu

me n u

fresh squeezed oranj juice
chocolate milk
heart shaped haribos
blueberry raspberry faygo
welch's sparkling strawberry soda
raspberry fanta

click the image below to sign the petition. signing of this petition is required to participate. proof will be required upon entry.

bye b ye

petiotion to remove ohio