the plants know us well

the plants know us well
theyve watched us from crawling
to trudging, to running, to trudging again.

oh, how they wish they could take the weight from our weary forms
so instead, they decorate our lives as best they can
curling around bricks, hanging over benches
filling gaps in the pavement to make tiny forests in big cities
growing tall, impressive,
nothing looming quite as large,
and laugh as children gaze up in amazement
wondering if theyll ever reach that tall.

if the apocalypse wiped us out clean
if humanity fell from its own hubris
If we went out thrashing, electric,
or silent and accepting,
the plants would sigh and remember fondly
as they held our hands and watched us grow.
The plants would wish they had the gift of speech,
To tell us what theyve been longing to all along,

we know you
were here for you
youre never alone
we love you
were glad you met us
we hope youll meet us again.

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