No longer human, human again

No longer human.

Zeros are cereal bowls in a friends living room
Ones are lamp posts at night during a drive through Orlando.
The wires are tangling together
Like vines in a forest,
Joints rusting
Like an old door hinge of an abandoned car.

Scenes fly through my database
Decisions made and kept for further evaluations.
Tears of lighter fluid as calculations pass by
As functions and equations crunch under the gears of bone.
Rip me open, be the inventor
My organs,
yours to examine,
to configure.

Feel the arteries under the metal plating,
The pumps of steel and brass
Keeping my heart beating.
Tear my mechanical heart out,
Disrupt its rhythmic movement
So carefully written out in cereal bowl zeros and lamp post ones,
Rewrite it
Re-configure it,
Let it be rejected.
No longer human.
But more so than you.
1st floor warringah mall.
rib cage to open up the same way the automatic doors do
eyes to close as well.
Frames of glass and wire to see,
an aid in being human again.
9905 3269
and the smells of wottle and bottle brush
brush up against my senses
like the cat in the neighbours car
Waiting for its friend to return.

shop 5, 1-3 sturdee pde
dee why
the sight of the water dragon
the bird bath
And there that funny feeling returns.
my hands,
cold from the salt infesting the water
and the touch of the stone wall
between me
and the car park of flowers
between me
and a place i feel
a place i know
a place that makes me human again.

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